Future in the Mobile Industry


A little bit difficult to understand for some of you but let me try to explain,
Since the launching of the iphone, which is a already a big step in the mobile technology, Google is launching a new open based software Platform Android, who will work on any phones (of the next generation), you will have internet 5x faster than the iphone, its obviously linked to your flickr, facebook, myspace, stumbleUpon…Integrate with google map ( probably skype for the phone provider) and some more applications who are being built right now.
Google launch a Developer Challenge to any programmers in the world to create some applications for this platform.
The propose a prize of $10 Millions to the best application ! Let me tell you that a lot of hackers, independent programmers and other internet/computer genius will pass the next months not sleeping and working their brains off !
Platform Android is the name of the program which will be available on blackberry, Treo, iphone and probably the Google phone ( Gphone ) since Google is interesting on buying Skype to Ebay. ( source: The Guardian )