Fragile Future, Light Sculpture by Studio Drift

Fragile Future III is the latest work by Studio Drift for the Fragile Future project, on which the studio has been working intensely since its start in 2007. The multidisciplinary light sculpture sits at the intersection of nature and technology, combining both in a tender balance. The 3-Dimensional bronze electrical circuits are connected to light emitting dandelions, bolted together to form a power circuit overgrowing walls, floors and ceilings, forming sculptures and chandeliers.

This labour-intensive process is a clear statement against mass production and throwaway culture. Are the rapid developments of our age really more advanced than the evolution of nature, of which the dandelion is such a transient and symbolic example? And could those two evolve together and meet in the future? Fragile Future can be seen as a critical, yet utopian vision of our planet’s future: where two seemingly opposite evolutions have made a pact to survive.

Studio Drift is an Amsterdam based studio manipulating light and movement to explore existing and new relationships between nature, technology and mankind. Founded in 2007, its focus is creating multi-disciplinary site-specific interactive installations, sculptures, objects and films, which propose a distinct mix between the latest science fiction inspired hi-tech developments and their poetic imagery.

Studio Drift is currently exhibiting the installation in the V&A Gallery at the cultural hub ‘Design Society’, Shenzhen, China.

Exhibition Information


Saturday, December 2, 2017 10:30
Sunday, August 4, 2019 11:30
Design Society ?Sea World Culture an Arts Center
1187 Wang Hai Lu Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng China