Fosbury & Sons Opens Stunning Co-working Place [Brussels]

A modernist cathedral, designed by Constantin Brodzki in 1958, stripped down to its rough concrete bones and combined with wood, steel, glass, textiles, and lush greenery. A new interpretation for a new kind of working by Fosbury & Sons.

Known as Belgium’s finest office, Fosbury & Sons turned its attention to the Brussels market. Following its success with their first co-working endeavor, the WATT Tower in Antwerp, where the company has already expanded to a total surface area of 5,600 m2. They has now opened its first serviced office in Brussels, bringing its innovative vision of ‘the office’ to Brussels, introducing a new, high-quality way of working and living.

Going East’s interior architects again delivered the most impressive interiors, while food partner Coffeelabs will be taking care of fresh, healthy, and delicious dishes. The office is dead, long live the (shared) office!

Fosbury & Sons’ The Office ‘Boitsfort’ occupies 7000 square metres, spread over 7 of the building’s 9 floors, with 3 extra floors below ground level for parking. In addition to the ‘Suites’ (private office spaces) and ‘Ateliers’ (shared private office spaces), there are numerous other shared workspaces throughout the building. For example, the lobby with bar on the ground floor is the perfect place to work and meet people in a pleasant and productive environment. F & S Boitsfort has a capacity of 600 people and 250 different companies.

Photography by Jeroen Verrecht