Fool’s Gold : Surprise Hotel

Here is a little flavor for your day from a band that goes by the name of Fool’s Gold. For all you peops that haven’t yet been exposed to this colorful LA ensemble, the diverse 12 person group is composed of an array of some very talented and unique musicians including a Ghana trained percussion leader (Orpheo McCord), an Argentine pop-star(Erica Garcia), as well as several members from other praised LA bands (Edward Sharpe an the Magnetic Zeros, We are Scientists, and Foreign Born). Their sound is a refreshing collision of African melody and percussion, Latin spice, and a Hebrew lead vocal that radiates movement and good vibrations. Although their debut single “Surprise Hotel” may be a bit outdated in the blog world, it’s definitely still lingering on my playlists and for good reasoning. I will also leave you with a fun remix of “Surprise Hotel” by Micachu and the Shapes, a UK band, that I am definitely feeling right about now. Happy listening.

Listen to “Surprise Hotel” here

      1. Surprise Hotel

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Listen to “Surprise Hotel (Michachu and the Shapes Remix)” here

      2. Surprise Hotel (Micachu & The Shapes Remix)