‘ve never heard of Bombardier before a few months ago and little did I know of the experience I was about to have, thanks to them! Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains, with a posted revenue of $20.1 billion recorded last year.

I recently had the chance to be invited by the Canadian company, along with journalists Marcus Troy and Andy Butler (Designboom) to fly private from London to Geneva aboard the Bombardier Challenger 350 with VistaJet.

From the private airports with almost non-existent customs and security checks to the tarmac pick-up directly to the VIP lounge, the whole flying experience could not be any smoother. An endless array of catering options are available pre-boarding, and for our flight we chose Nobu sushi and Krug champagneA true VIP experience!

bombardier_challenger trendland

With more than 34,100 employees and a leadership position in global markets, Bombardier Aerospace designs, manufactures and supports innovative aviation products for the business, commercial, specialized and amphibious aircraft markets. They have the most comprehensive aircraft portfolio and hold the number one position in business and regional aircraft. Their high-performance aircraft and services set the standard of excellence in several markets, including:

+ Business aircraft – Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft families
+ Commercial aircraft – new CSeries program, CRJ Series and Q-Series aircraft families
+ Aerostructures & Engineering Services – aircraft structures, component repair and other services
+ Amphibious aircraft – Bombardier 415 and Bombardier 415 MP aircraft
+ Specialized aircraft solutions – Bombardier aircraft modified for special missions
+ Aircraft services and training – aircraft parts, maintenance, comprehensive training, technical support and publications, and online services

bombardier_challenger trendland

Now let's talk Jets!

In the Jet world there is only two types of customers, the businessman and the Jetset/Celebrity, who both have similar end goals when flying: saving time. Time is a word that comes back constantly in the private aviation industry. Everything is about time. Take for example, the Multinationals who fly their high-exec’ privately, it’s only to save time! It’s very clear that in this world, time is money…

And when it comes to finances, there is definitely a lot to take into consideration when buying a private jet. Here, Bombardier is innovating by proposing to their clients a full data analysis based on their flying habits, resulting in a well researched proposal of what kind of plane the client needs.

Their Business Aircrafts go from the famous Learjet to the beautiful new Global 7000 and the price varies from $7M to $80M+.

bombardier_global trendland
Contemporary Design,
Yet Unmistakably Bombardier
bombardier_global trendland scaled
bombardier_global trendland scaled

With its four distinct living spaces, the Global 7000 business jet provides unparalleled spaciousness, luxury, and comfort, in a homelike environment that can be as productive or as leisure-friendly as any moment demands. Seats position you perfectly to take in the view from larger windows. Enjoy exquisite dining experiences at a table for six, journeying non-stop between key cities such as London and Singapore.  Relax, sleep, and refresh in the tranquility of a private stateroom, reaching more of your world faster, more luxuriously, and better prepared.

Range to give you unprecedented non-stop city-pairings such as New York to Dubai and Beijing to Washington.

global bombardier interior
global bombardier interior

Floor Plan

The remarkable Global 7000 aircraft offers a four-zone cabin, presenting global leaders with an infinitely more spacious, flexible and creative environment than has ever been achieved or attempted in a business jet. Designed for optimal performance with 10 passengers, the Global 7000 aircraft will comfortably accommodate up to 19 passengers.

gl _floorplan_galley_en

Global zone sketch trendland
Global zone sketch trendland
Global zone sketch trendland
Sketches from the Bombardier Industrial Design team

Details from our Bombardier Experience


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