Florence & The Machine: No Light, No Light

Listen to “No Light, No Light” here

      1. 07 No Light, No Light


Think of Ceremonials as your life soundtrack: it nurtures the ebbs and flows of passion, beliefs, and change. Leave it up to Florence & The Machine to create a flawless album in the essence of audible beauty. She and her undeniable artistic vision have managed to become our modern day and age Enya who sings in the church gospel choir. From start to finish, each track sends shivers down spines and ceases to seamlessly transition from powerful to haunting to inspiring in energy. “No Light, No Light” stands out, as many of its fellow album-dwellers do, as emotionally authoritative. But it is not the only song on her 2nd album to have such an overwhelming effect.

The smashing, colossol drumming, and potent lyricism grasps the listener especially in her celestial “Never Let Me Go.”

Listen to “Never Let Me Go” here

      2. 04 Never Let Me Go


“Seven Devils” is a hauntingly beautiful song, which borrows frightening noises like violent violins, tin can & string, and eerie keys from the horror film genre.

Listen to “Seven Devils” here

      3. 08 Seven Devils 1


Basically, Ceremonials is every music supervisor’s dream. Florence has covered all the emotive bases as the force of super-nature that she is.