Fleur van Dodewaard Sun Set Series

Fleur van Dodewaard is less interested in the photographic representation of reality as such than in the way in which photography relates to the other media it exploits in its efforts to achieve autonomy. She commonly uses a diversity of materials to create clear and powerful images that on closer inspection prove unexpectedly complex. The primary feature of her Sun Set Series is its simple and powerful graphic imagery. By concentrating on

the photographic cliche of sunset and depicting it as an artificial structure reflected in a mirror, she emphasizes the illusory aspects of photography. It is impossible literally to capture the real world and photography is only ever connected to reality indirectly, by means of reflection. Her constructions reinforce the mediated character of her photographs and at the same time point to her role as their creator. Van Dodewaard tries nevertheless to limit that role by keeping her imagery as detached and neutral as possible. This is reiterated by countless allusions to abstract and conceptual art. Her weaving together of art historical references contributes additional weight and significance to her critical reflection on the medium.” – Marcel Feil for FOAM Magazine

Pre-study for Black Nude, 2011


More information at www.fleurvandodewaard.com