‘Fenoména’: The Ladies’ Room

The Ladies’ Room is a collective of four Italian designers: Ilaria Bianchi, Agustina Bottoni, Astrid Luglio and Sara Ricciardi. The four designers met for Milan Design Week 2017 to present ‘Fenoména’, a sensorial installation. The Ladies’s Room, a name that reflects the complicity of women when going to the ladies’s toilet, also suggests intimate moments by whispering personal experiences between themselves.

Phenomenalism is a philosophic theory in which physical objects doesn’t exist as things in themselves but only as perceptual phenomena situated in time and in space. A phenomenon has to be perceived through a human’s sens or with their mind. Based on the five senses, ‘Fenoména’ exhibition invites visitors to take part in a sensitive journey, by brushing, smelling and listening to a female harmony.


Photography by Fulvio De Filippi
Video by Niccolò Natali


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