feit speckle leather collection

Feit’s Latest Skin

The FEIT classics including the Hand Sewn Slipper and Low get an updated look with a fun embossed speckle print suede. These handmade luxury versions of the classic court sneaker are crafted from a special women’s last in order to create a slimmer, more tapered silhouette in the brand’s iconic styles. Each pair is left on the last for up to 10 days, where light steam and humidity are used to tighten the leather and enhance shape and fit. The one piece upper, all-natural materials, and advanced Goodyear construction techniques will allow the foot to breathe when worn barefoot and ultimately mold to the foot.

FEIT embossed suede dt_


FEIT embossed suede slips_bwspk

feit speckle leather collection

FEIT embossed suede slips_grey_

FEIT embossed suede lowtops grey

feit speckle leather collection

FEIT embossed suede low black

feit speckle leather collection

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