Fedor Van der Valk ‘String Gardens’

While most people choose to display their plants in pots or vases,  Fedor van der Valk has designed a series of self-supporting, hanging plant containers. A new and inventive way to ‘hang’ plants and flowers is born. String Garden uses 3-D crocheting techniques. The roots are covered in moss and grass.

Van der Valk explains: “For a while I wanted to make animated videos with crocheted landscapes which were a kind of 3-dimensional spider webs covered in moss and grass. The idea was to create bonsai-esque plants. To keep the landscapes really airy, I decided to work with hanging plants.”

“The most challenging part of the hanging ‘pots’ is figuring out what kind of soil and conditions the plant needs,”

Unfortunately only available at Pompon in Amsterdam, but while doing some research I found this great DIY from DesignSponge.

More information at www.stringgardens.com – Thanks to Design.nl for the tips !