When Your Kid is Too Cool for School – Fashion Brands We Love For the ‘Hypebabies’

Oh kids these days – they are cooler than ever!  Long gone is the idea that kids fashion is just a practical offer of blue denim and hoodies for boys and something cute for girls. The things is, millennials started to have kids and in the Instagram culture landscape we are  all more aesthetically minded in every aspect of our lives. Naturally brands will follow suit.

Fashion and branding for kids are now focused on gender-neutral design , empowering messages and equality consciousness – with local brands harvesting this great market and supplying enough kit for a new wave of dressing kids more like small stylish adults – within good sense people.

Here we have chosen great brands we love – for their design, ethos and Instagrammability.


#1 Totem Kids

East London’s princess of independent kids fashion Kate Bonhotê new venture is all about gender-neutral design, sustainable, organic fabrics and otherworldly imagery inspired by spaghetti western and Mexican iconography.

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SS18 shorts just landed!

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#2 Nununu

Branded an alternative choice to typical kids fashion. So if you appreciate kick-ass attitude, style & sense of humor look no further.

#3 Meme Kids

Meme kids don’t play by rules – rebel at heart they are! Clothes to be shared by brothers and sisters. Long live equality.

#4 The Kids Supply

Committed to promoting accessibility, diversity and inclusion this American brand is super cool.

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Calabasas Silk Bomber ?? @coco_pinkprincess

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#5 Black Sheep Mob

This cool on-line children’s street-wear brand is all about graphic design and iconic prints.

#6 Superism

LA brand Superism promotes kids empowerment – they often donate part of the proceeds to children charities in Los Angeles. “Listen to the Youth” is a brand motto and t-shirt slogan.

#7 Mini Rodini

This Swedish brand was created to celebrate the young one’s imagination and creativity with a high-sustainability ethos and colorful, unique street-wear designs and collaborations with Adidas.