Compact Garden House [London]

Located in greater London, the compact Garden House by Teatum + Teatum Architects was conceived as another part of a project by Noiascape, creating unique infrastructure for urban renting. Renters’ can benefit from multiple surfaces that have been added to the terraced mews house – from a  garden room to a new roof level.

Lack of external spaces was smartly compensated due to the inversion of living and sleeping areas. Bedrooms are located on the ground floor in order to better connect with local views. A roof garden can be easily accessed from a study room at the second floor that makes work immediately more pleasant. Material contrasts define the space and reflect its flexibility. Cast concrete walls meet with  green joinery, red pigmented concrete floors are juxtaposed with birch joinery. The game of colours and textures continues thanks to the daylight that enters the rooms from different angles and changes the perception of each space during the day.