MASP Art School ad campaign dali

Famous Artists Dissected for MASP Art School Ad Campaign

MASP Art School ad campaign dali

What an amazing campaign for the MASP Art School in São Paulo. DDB Brazil took artists Dali, Van Gogh and Picasso and dissected them to show their inside illustrated in the same style as their famous artworks. A brilliant idea and execution. I want to see more now! What about Basquiat, Warhol and Keith Haring ? or even better you could do Damian Hirst with his inside in diamond…

MASP Art School ad campaign van gogh

MASP Art School ad campaign picasso

Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio Valente, Marco Versolato, Wilson Mateos, Luciano Lincoln
Art Director: Leonardo Rotundo
Copywriter: Fred Sekkel
Illustrators: Marcos Falcão, 6B Estúdio
Photographer: Ricardo Barcellos
Account Supervisors: Mônica de Carvalho, Andrei Croisfelt, Daniel Malavazzi, Adriana Barreto

Info via Ads of the World