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Exhibitions & Openings for the Week of July 25

This week in Art Weekly we are traveling to London, Berlin, Los Angeles and San Francisco for this week’s top national and international opening picks. Enjoy!

Simon Tyszko

Simon Tzysko — “The Unfair Fun Too” — Los Angeles, CA

Ever since I was completely blown away by Glenn Ligon’s “Neon” exhibit in NYC last year, I have become a huge fan of the medium. I can’t imagine a creative piece more edgy, current or contemporary than a glowing, bright, scientifically engineered electrical circuit made into art! Simon Tzysko is an expert at using this medium to his advantage and contorting his circuits in ways that inspire him and, by association, inspire us! Thanks, Simon!

Beaconsfield Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday, July 26th 6pm – 9pm


Rick Bahto & Julia Holter, Claire Nereim, Laurie Reid, and Sean Talley — “An Exhibition Which Comes And Goes As It Pleases” — San Francisco, CA

These days, a lot of the art coming San Francisco has a vibe screams, “We are just looking to some fun and good laugh!” This exhibition is representative of just this fact. It is refreshing to see a show that even in its title commits to nothing in particular and promises complete and unbridled creative freedom for its four artists. The personification of an exhibition that “comes and goes as it pleases” is a cheeky reference to the California art scene’s laidback sunny style and I can’t wait to see what the artists have to share!

Et. Al. Gallery
July 26 – August 10, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, July 26 from 7-10pm


 Ai Weiwei, Pawel Althamer, Olafur Eliasson, Isa Genzken, Sharon Lockhart — “frm vs fnctn nd bck gn” — Berlin, Germany

It is high group-show season, but this show is definitely a stand out. With heavy hitters Ai Weiwei, Pawel Althamer, Olafur Eliasson, Isa Genzken, Sharon Lockhart this show will definitely be something to write home about! My first encounter with Ai Wei Wei was a field of millions of ceramic sunflower seeds installed in a warehouse-style gallery space housed within the Tate Modern. The sheer enormity of the installation rendered me speechless, and I have never been the same again. An artist that can evoke that experience is definitely one to check out, hope to see you there!
Neugerriem Schneider Gallery
July 27 – August 31, 2013
Opening: Saturday, July 27th


Katrina Umber — “And” — London, UK
Katrina Umber is a strong photographer with a highly developed personal aesthetic. Photography is a medium in which it can be quite difficult to distinguish yourself from the pack, and Umber’s style is unmistakable. With her photographic subject matter spanning an incredibly wide range she always manages brings something fresh to the table. Enjoy!

Charlie James Gallery
July 27 — August 24, 2013
Opening: Saturday, July 27th