Exhibitions & Openings for the Week of June 6

This week in Art Weekly we are visiting James Franco in London then traveling to Berlin, Paris, and Los Angeles for a week of stellar national and international art openings. Enjoy!

 Julian Hober — “Julian Hober” — Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles based visual artist Julian Hoeber uses a wide range of media to inform his work including drawing, filmmaking, installation, photography and sculpture. He was chosen this week because of his unique way in which he contemporizes his work, namely with his use of psychology, temporality and narrative. His work is also simply a lot of fun as he uses over-saturated color, geometrics and optical illusions to make it a true journey for the mind, eyes and psyche. Enjoy!

Blum & Poe Gallery

June 6 – July 13, 2013

Opening: Thursday, June 6th

James Franco — “Psycho Nacirema” — London, UK

Some call him controversial, some call him overexposed, but I am not ashamed to admit that I never tire of directing my gaze at James Franco. Versatility is always to be applauded and this actor, writer and student is now presenting a show of new multi-media work at one of London’s best and brightest contemporary art galleries, the Pace Gallery. Adding to the allure, there is a mysterious warning from Pace Gallery on the art world airwaves that this exhibition contains “explicit imagery” which some visitors may find “disturbing.” Thanks in advance for the memories, James!

Pace Gallery

June 6 – July 27, 2013

Opening: Thursday, June 6th

Anthony Caro — “Park Avenue Series” — London, UK

American modernist sculptor Anthony Caro is a lesson in what it means to be a true “sculptor’s sculptor.” With a degree in both engineering and sculpture his wide academic range informs every aspect of his work. He is part of the abstract, modernist, and constructed steel sculpture movements and is informed by artists such a Henry Moore and David Smith. I also sense strong Richard Serra undertones in his use of rusted metal forms and the sheer size and  visual scale of his work. Phenomenal.

Gagosian Gallery

June 6 – July 27, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 6, 6pm – 8pm

Bridget Riley — “The Striped Paintings” — Berlin, Germany

English painter Bridget Riley with her complex, illusory geometrical paintings is now regarded as one of the foremost members of the optical art movement. For years Riley painted only in her signature black and white, but, began exploring color in 1967 when she produced her very “Striped Painting.” She continued to innovate and expand on this new form to the extent that this exhibition will focus solely on these visually stunning and mind-bending works.

Galerie Max Hetzler

June 8 — July 13, 2013

Opening: Saturday, June 8th

Alexander Calder and Jean Prouvé — “Calder Prouvé” — Paris France

The mobile, a term that Marcel Duchamp coined to describe the kind of kinetic sculptures that Calder invents has created an entirely new artistic language. 2-dimensional shapes in odd abstract shapes made of dense steel instantly become 3-dimensional as they twist and hang from wires. Prouvé likewise changes the face of industrial design with his multi-dimensional series of architectural furniture for the classroom, home and office. Placed together, Gagosian gallery looks like it will be giving us a show that forces open the boundaries of shape, dimension, structure and design. This will be a must-see for all contemporary art lovers and especially for Duchamp enthusiasts.

Gagosian Gallery

June 8 — November 2, 2013

Opening reception: Saturday, June 8th 6 – 8pm



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