Marc Heldens Karim Rashid

European Interior Photography by Marc Heldens Publishing

Marc Heldens Karim Rashid

The producer and publisher of Europe’s greatest interior shoots is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Though the name of Marc Heldens Publishing may not ring a bell, you have probably come across its work while browsing the pages of a glossy interiors magazine in search of inspiration for your fantasy home.

Amsterdam-based Heldens works with the best interior photographers in Europe to create photo shoots that are regularly featured in the likes of Elle Decoration and Vogue. Heldens Publishing house style is typified by sleek yet candid images that tell a vibrant story of the life behind the interiors.

marc heldens lotek

Marc Heldens Paul Johnson

Marc Heldens david alhadeff

Marc Heldens louis_xv_tielt

Marc Heldens coorengel calvagrac

Marc Heldens _nl_hilde_jansen

Marc Heldens UKO SHIMIZU

Marc Helden coorengel calvagrac

Marc Helden behnken

Marc Heldens Pas Partoe_hein

marc heldens Jordan Erzen _v

Marc Heldens Int_Be_BeaMombaers

Marc Heldens Bromley Prahan

marc heldens A_VanDeWalle

Marc Heldens

Marc Heldens Bart_Knokke

Marc Heldens_MadeleineWermenbol

Marc Helden Int_Be_JPDetaeye_ DEF R

Marc Helden Fr_Castigno

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Photography by Verne and Mark Seelen – Via