Etiqueta Negra Interior Design

CEO of Etiqueta Negra Federico Alvarez Castillo was not kidding around when interviewed by JC Report last year, “These are difficult times, but as said before, Etiqueta Negra is a new brand to the US market. We have launched our brand in the middle of a deep economic crisis in America and don’t have a sales history that we need to reach. We believe 2009 will still be a difficult time for business and hope that “fresh air” will arrive in 2010.” But nothing about Etiqueta Negra’s Soho store even hints at recession. The Brand is sitting on some serious Argentinian Polo gold mine or something because with 10 stores of this caliber there is no other way to explain it.

Maybe Etiqueta Negra has a great relationship with some fancy Argentinian hotrod and classic motorcycle collector because having a collection of classics of that degree is hard to fathom. The stores design is dialed in to the nine with influences of polo designs and quality classics.