‘En Store’ is a new Parisian Beauty Mecca

Parisian and Japanese spirits merge inside the freshly opened beauty mecca. En Store is a boutique and spa located in an 18th century building a few steps from Odéon. Designed by Yusuke Kinoshita and Daisuke Sekine from a local practice Archiee, the interior reflects the Japanese meaning of the phoneme “en” – beauty but also a connection and a circle.

The holistic space was covered with gold brass and clean white that create soft contrasts between different treatment and counseling areas, divided by oval pillars that also serve as exposition shelves. A sense of order and harmony exude from this minimalist environment that extends inside the basement where original stone ceilings were kept as part of the decor. Complemented with circular lamps, En Store seems to emphasis that our surroundings are an essential factor contributing to our peace of mind.