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Emma Fexeus portrait

I like a white base and contrasts in black, grey, and brown. More texture and pattern, even though some stripes or triangles are always nice.

Emma Fexeus
Emma Fexeus

TL: How did you get started in interiors/styling?
I started as a styling assistant at a magazine, working with both fashion and interiors. After that I freelanced as an assistant and eventually took some classes in interior styling.

TL: What was the first project you ever worked on?
A trend forecasting feature for a trade magazine for painters.

TL: Do you have a favorite project?
The next one is always my favorite.

TL: What inspires you?
Shadows, patterns, fashion magazines, light, materials, art exhibitions, travels, people in the street.

TL: How does being Swedish influence your work?
I suppose being born into the Scandinavian simplicity makes it difficult to see outside it.

TL: Other Swedes you admire?
There are many, and all for different reasons. What I find most admirable in people is integrity and humbleness, and I see that in for example Nina Persson, Lotta Agaton and Laleh.

TL: What’s different about Swedish design?
Simple, functional shapes with a sense of handicrafts. Not too minimalist, and not too crafty, just perfectly balanced.

TL: If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be?
Ellen Page, but I’d rather make it more than just coffee.

TL: What says “classic Swedish” to you?
Meatballs, midsummer festivities, Ikea, complaining about the weather.

TL: If you weren’t living in Sweden where would you live?
I’d like to spend half the year in some nice city like Amsterdam, and the other half on a beach in Vietnam. Winter really isn’t my thing.

TL: Can you tell us one secret about your city that you don’t mind sharing?
You can swim anywhere in the city, the water is very clean, so after a long night out, just dive in and cool down and I promise your hangover will be less horrible!

TL: Your favorite way to spend time in Stockholm.
On a chair outside a café, with good coffee, a magazine and huge sunglasses so I can do my people watching without embarrassing anyone.

TL: Anywhere you go when you’re feeling a creative block?
Anywhere quiet, preferably with a view of the water. When I get blocked it’s not because I run out of inspiration, it’s usually because there is too much going on, so I need to calm down and be alone, meditate for a bit, and then I can get back to work with a fresh mind.

TL: If you had to give Stockholm a word, what would it be?
Duck pond.

TL: What is something very Swedish that you’d take with you wherever you went, if you could?
I’d bring the Swedish melancholy, a temperament or mood that I think the world needs more of.

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Emma Fexeus
Emma Fexeus ab
Emma Fexeus b
Emma Fexeus a
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Emma Fexeus' Stockholm
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