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I think the stark contrast of the dark and light seasons has a great impact on the work coming out of Sweden.

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TL: How did you get started in photography? I became really interested in it in high-school, and after taking a couple of photography courses I decided I wanted to work as a photographer. I went to study right after high-school, and got in to making art projects in school. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Gothenburg University in Sweden, and now work as a photographer and artist.

TL: What was the first project you ever worked on? I did a photography exhibition at the county museum in my home town Örebro in Sweden as the final project of high-school. It was a portrait series, portraying girls in their teens and old women in their 80’s. I made three portraits of each- one of their face, one portraying them doing something they loved, and a photograph of their hands. Everything was hand printed in black and white, and it was the beginning of my love for making exhibitions and working on long term projects.

TL: Do you have a favorite project? Always the one I’m currently working on. Right now I’m doing a large series about horses, and I’m infatuated with all my subjects.

TL: What inspires you? Going to see art collections or spend a couple of hours following visual tracks on the internet.

TL: How does being Swedish influence your work? The rich Swedish history of literature, art and film-making has definitely had an impact on me.

TL: Other Swedes you admire? Klara and Johanna Söderberg of First Aid Kit, singer Lykke Li, filmmaker Tarik Saleh.

TL: What’s different about Swedish design? I think the stark contrast of the dark and light seasons has a great impact on the work coming out of Sweden.

TL: If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be? Patti Smith.

TL: What says “classic Swedish” to you? Clean and bright design, inspired by the nordic light and all the natural resources, such as wood and stone.

TL: If you weren’t living in Sweden where would you live? I mostly live in New York, but if not there or Sweden it would be Copenhagen.

TL: Your favorite way to spend time in Stockholm. Biking around and hanging out with friends, either in a park or a bar somewhere.

TL: Anywhere you go when you’re feeling a creative block? Anywhere in nature, or go have coffee with a friend.

TL: If you had to give Stockholm a word, what would it be? Easy.

TL: What is something very Swedish that you’d take with you wherever you went, if you could? The long bright nights in June.

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Agnes Thor's Stockholm
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Folkbaren is adjacent to Folkoperan and the theatrical and musical influences are unmistakable. A pleasant, classic local bar on Hornsgatan on Södermalm that will appeal to most.

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