Django Django: Default

Listen to “Default” Here

      1. Django Django - Default


Edinburghers Vincent Neff (singer, guitar), Jimmy Dixon (bass), Tommy Grace (synths) and David Maclean of Django Django (no connection to Reinhardt ) just dropped their debut album You (on Because Music and produced by David Maclean) with a roundup of original psychedelic-pop beats. The quartet has been hard at work tie-dying sounds to produce a nearly hallucinogenic compilation of tracks starting with Default. From here, the album further moonwalks along waves of folktronica and what resonates as experimental mash ups with video games and British sitcoms. On the brink of their first appearance in North America, Brooklyn’s Glasslands March 10, these Djangos are in the starting blocks ready to launch a new groove. They are also taking their art-pop show to SXSW before continuing tour in Europe through late Summer. If your sound hound hasn’t yet sniffed out these music authorities, look no further.
Listen to “Love’s Dart” Here

      2. DDjango__20Loves_Dart