Distinctively Artisanal World of Gaya Ceramics

Based in Ubud, Bali, Gaya Ceramics creates sophisticated handmade ceramic collections that have a unique design and a distinctive personality. The founders of the Gaya Ceramics, Marcello Massoni and his wife Michela Foppiani, with their team of 100 artisans are on a mission to promote craftsmanship and the ceramic’s “handmade” process, making artisanal pieces more appreciated in the world.

The products of the bold creativity, sophisticated collections of organic and minimalist designs are produced with the implementation of the new materials and techniques and are fully customized with an option to choose any shape or texture.

Gaya Ceramics team thinks that “one of the greatest richnesses is the emptiness able to contain everything and that home accessories have a great power in creating aesthetic value, beauty, intimacy and personal meaning”.