james blake remixes

Destiny’s Child : Bills Bills Bills (James Blake Remix)

james blake remixes

Today feature is a remix of Destiny’s Child’s “Bills Bills Bills” by a man who presumably is not too worried

      1. Bills Bills Bills (James Blake Remix) - Destiny's Child
      2. Come Thru (James Blake Remix) - Drake

about paying his bills at this point in his career. And since we are talking James Blake remixes might as well throw in his rendition of Drake’s “Come Thru”. Both tracks obviously stand tall on their own but I have to hand it to James for being so well seasoned at making them unique in his own experimental way. Pitching vocals down, chopping, dropping elements out, and adding his own out of tune instrumentation. As far as I’m concerned he’s earned the stripes to do as he pleases and it does translate.