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Dead Times: Slow Burning Bliss

deadtimes cover

      1. Slow Burning Bliss



Hailing from Phoenix, Dead Times duo Calvin Markus and Travis Bunn have been courting Los Angeles as they build their mystic sound with the framework of R&B and waify electronics. Their minimalist foundation may find you in a melodic coma as they float between moody soul and futuristic down tempo under mirage vocals. Categorically vague, the composition for both “Slow Burning Bliss” (Bad Panda Records) and their recent riff, “Centuries”  exhale a sense of aimlessness while projecting song as more of an experience beyond just a listen.


Official in May 2012, the duo have been collaborating since ’08 and are well seasoned despite their fresh releases, “We’ve both written a large volume of music, hundreds and hundreds of songs in our lifetime, but the difference is that now we’ve found what works for us. We feel like we’re writing the music we’ve always been wanting to. We just had to do our homework first.” – Calvin.


One of their current defining traits apart from their mystic sound, is their steep schedule of singles as they focus on new material like a weekly column, “We strive to release new, quality singles every month. Usually two a month. We prefer releasing singles consistently, rather than EPs or albums, because at this point when we’re just starting out, it makes more sense. We like to carefully craft our singles and release them to people immediately.”


In tandem with music, Dead Times teams up with designer Clint Soren on the bulk of their album art and various design materials, extending their minimalist image to attractive heights. Moby, Little People and Alt-J are perhaps the combined long form of the emotion and instrumental hip-hop that bleed through in Dead Times material. Altogether their work is a high volume delivery of organized sounds for a good music binge. Stay fresh with more Dead Times.

      2. Centuries