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Carine Roitfeld on Launching ‘CR Fashion Book’

CR Fashion Book Covers

A really refreshing video of Carine Roitfeld speaking to Charlotte Cowles, from The Cut, about her new baby ‘CR Fashion Book’ and the concept behind “Rebirth”, the issue title. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of working with her personally, this video captures her charm and authenticity perfectly. There are so many moments in this video that have stuck with me since I first watched it.

I loved when Charlotte Cowles asks her if she would ever start her own blog and she answers with,

No, I have no blog. I have no Facebook. I have no Twitter. Everything under my name so far is fake. And they’re quite doing it very well. A lot of people are following my twitter which is not my twitter.

Well she finally has her own siteFacebook and  Twitter. It is time to put all the imposters to sleep and follow the real deal. The magazine/book hybrid hits newstand’s this week, while the web counterpart,, which launched on the 4th of September, serves as a preview of the magazine and an extension of the CR vision. The site features daily updates that include highlights from The Book and Carine’s obsessions, also known as The Envelope. In this video interview Carine tells Cowles about her obsession with the baby Pygmy pigs,

“I don’t have myself, one, but there was a very cute one in the magazine. It’s one of my new obsessions. And so we try to make pigs go back to fashion.”

Love it, Carine! Let’s bring the “pig back to fashion”.


via /The Cut
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