Day for Night Festival: The Evolution of Light and Sound

Day for Night is an experiential music and arts festival taking place in Houston, TX December 19-20. The fusion of music and digital art is an emerging theme among festivals worldwide, yet Day for Night’s exceptional curation by Alex Czetwertynski creates the unique experience that sets this festival apart from others.

The combination of variety and unity in the group of artists selected includes art through software (computational art), light and space, and carefully designed interactive experiences at large scales. With New Order and Philip Glass among the lineup, music will mingle with art to be experienced in a different way, and to create a multi-dimensional experience. According to Czetwertynski “none of this art is designed to be experienced twice in the same way. As opposed to a piece of art that is fixed, designed to live in one place (or one type of place) and physically static, this art is kinetic, spatial, often site specific, and requires time, movement and at least two senses to be fully experienced”. The theme of the show can be found in it’s name, “Day for Night.” In filmic terms, Day for Night is a scene shot during the day but “pretending” to be a night scene. There is a phenomenological shift. The festival will use the massive scale of the venue to not just “trick” perception, but to stretch it, and see what happens.

Written by Jade Moyano