Sabine marcelis voie lights serie

Dawn of Light by Sabine Marcelis

Since graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011 Sabine Marcelis has been working as an independent designer. She opened her studio in Rotterdam where she specializes in product, installation and interior design.

Sabine’s vision for design can be seen in the various collaboration she has undertaken  with other designers, industry and brands. To create a dialogue between the object and the user, she sees her designs as “unexpected experiences, with functionality and aesthetics at the core”. The Dutch artist excels in making neon and resin sculptures and exploring the relationship between light and color.

Sabine marcelis light series

sabine_marcelis_ _detail

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sabine marcelis dawn light series

sabine marcelis dawn light series

Sabine marcelis voie lights green

Sabine marcelis voie lights brown