Daniel Rossen: Silent Song

Listen to “Silent Song” here

      1. Silent Song


Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen demonstrates that pure and natural ability lives on through song. His four track solo EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile is chock-full of sentimental value. Much has been gathered, yet more is to be revealed about how Rossen harnessed this incredible giftto decipher jumbled lyrics into a composed fire, lit in the intricate lining of his soul. His guitar work has been compared to George Harrison who shows up again in the pop induced breeze “Silent Song,” a lush and serene exhibition evoking moments of solitude and clarity, mirroring Elliot Smith, the way through.

Whatever the message, one thing cries out for discernment music matters in every bridge, solo and verse written and recorded by those not so famous. See, it is not so much the money made or fame attained, for those things are feeble and fleeting. Once those physical commodities have fizzled out, all we have to look ahead to is the warm new bile company of undisturbed, unaltered passion rowing ashore.