Damien Hirst Sculpture at London Restaurant Tramshed

With many notable food establishments already on his plate, it is not surprising that when restauranteur Mark Hix opened his newest London hot spot Tramshed, he decided to commission a huge Damien Hirst sculpture as the focal point of the spacious venue. On account of the mainly chicken and meat menu, artist Damien Hirst created the ‘Cock and Bull’ sculpture for the restaurant, as an extension of the previous pieces featured in his Natural History series of artwork. In addition to the spectacular food, Hix’s restaurant also provides a downstairs space used as an art gallery, named Cock n Bull, which house different art exhibitions every six weeks. Although Tramshed may not be the most vegetarian friendly spot, the easy going atmosphere and artistic energy will surely be enough to keep you coming back every six weeks.

More information: http://www.chickenandsteak.co.uk/ & www.damienhirst.com

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