Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr: Vocal Chords

Listen to “Vocal Chords” here

      1. 02 Vocal Chords


With a such an impressive debut album like, It’s a Corporate World, it would be a tragedy to marginalize any song as insignificant. Detroit-based duo, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. has managed to create a circular experience in their first round about.

There’s the introductory track, “Morning Thought,” which perfectly awakes the senses-– implied by titled, explicit by feeling. “Nothing But Our Love” floats to the clouds, brewing twirly electronic melodies to sip on. “Simple Girl” story tells it’s twinkly-cymbaled way into your heart (while giving away a definite Beatles influence), and “Vocal Chords” lifts your spirits. The 12-tracked record flows with an organic ebb and flow of playful peaks and soothing lulls with flawless arrangement. That order of things makes for an almost mindless rotation. Before you know it, the album has stopped and the ending silence is filled with lovely memories of the melodic dozen you wished never ended.

Listen to “Simple Girl”  here

      2. Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr_Simple Girl


Listen to “Morning Thought” here

      3. 09 Morning Thought