Cuckoo Chaos: Jamb Song


Listen to “Jamb Song” here

      1. 03 Jam Song

With a band called, Cuckoo Chaos, it’s not hard to imagine a bubbly style of lyrics like “Toodaloo got you. Got your itty-bitty heart.” The San Diegan boys “toodaloo” all the way through “Jamb Song,” the hit track off their Jesus Flag American Fish 7″ released on Lefse Records.

The So-Cal group of 5 takes cues from their beach-side hometown by way of bright jingles and crystalline vocals. The bridge, featuring a male choir of sopranos, is pure merriment, and the juxtaposition of verses song almost at a whisper makes its arrival even more powerful. Imagine a marriage between Grizzly Bear and Local Natives.

Cuckoo’s debut album, Woman, which features even more brightly colored sounds and shows that they’ve decided to settle into that hunky-dory land in which they live in.