Cosme Comes to Town


A fresh spin on classic Mexican cuisine.


On 21st street, nestled between Park Ave South and Broadway, a Mexican cuisine innovator has made it happen. To compliment his demand, acclaimed Mexico City-based chef, Enrique Olvera of Pujol Restaurant, has made the 2,500 mile leap to the Flat Iron District, opening up his “most casual restaurant” Cosme, in what used to be a former strip joint (fun fact).


With the help of architect Alonso de Garay you’ll find a romantic, clean, minimalistic (no poles in site) space that alone puts you in a good mood. In fact, the bar at the front has more seats (about 70) than the restaurant toward the back (60). Margarita con Siete Leguas, Cointreau, Pierre Ferrand Curaçao, lime & salt, anyone?


If you are into food as well, Cosme serves an extensive, well-rounded menu of experimental Mexican dishes that’ll leave you with a bit of a question mark on what to choose. To help you out if you are feeling adventurous or particularly indecisive, suggestions include the mezcal-and-chile-pepper-spiked clam chowder, the pulled suckling pig with annato seeds, sour orange, and pickled radishes, or the bean salad with pickled radish, habaneros, and smoky charred cucumber vinaigrette. We’d like to say we’ve found a diamond in the rough.


Written by Emily Marucci





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