‘Cold Feet’ By Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca

cold-feet-by-Davide Luciano-and-claudio-ficca-04

Animals take on human characteristics in this photo series by photographer Davide Luciano and his wife, food stylist  Claudia Ficca.  The inspiration for Cold Feet came as the couple was taking a stroll in NYC’s Chinatown, the variety of animal feet for sale was what sparked the idea.

The scenes include a chicken getting manicure, frogs playing dominos, a knitting crab, a solitaire-playing alligator, a lobster playing pool and a pig smoking a cigar and drinking scotch.



This duo definitely has a definitive style, bold, colorful, always comical/satirical in some way. Recreating the uncomfortable into quizzical whimsical photos that leave you feeling like–now you have seen it all.

cold-feet-by-Davide Luciano-and-claudio-ficca-01

cold-feet-by-Davide Luciano-and-claudio-ficca-02

cold-feet-by-Davide Luciano-and-claudio-ficca-03

cold-feet-by-Davide Luciano-and-claudio-ficca-05

cold-feet-by-Davide Luciano-and-claudio-ficca-06


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