Coachella : New York Transplanted

For some Coachella is all about the show, for other its all about the parties, and for the super charged its about being everywhere worth being. Its hard to weed through all the parties and know which ones are worth the trip, but in the last 5 years I cant say we have made too many bad decisions. Every year there is the iconic Anthem Party, which is the rager of all ragers ~ great crowd , great music, great house and always a great party.

Beyond that party you really have to be well tuned in to get to a party like the one The 88 and Sophomore hosted. The New Yorkers teamed up with Kanon Vodka for their soft US launch and created what felt like “New York transplanted”.  Though the guests were the freshest international faces, it all just felt so New York. So its no wonder Facehunter showed up and did a little video on what was happening (watch it below).

Coachella Pool Party Polaroid Photos by Laura Taylor