Drawing paint with color pencils

One of Trendland’s favorite hyper-realistic artist, CJ Hendry, is pleased to reveal in Brooklyn her highly anticipated 6th solo exhibition: RORSCHACH.

Known for her iconic black and white pen drawings of pop culture objects, is furthering her exploration of color and abstract forms.


Hendry first delved into color and abstract drawings two years ago with “Complimentary Colors” in collaboration with Christian Louboutin, which showed at Hong Kong Art Basel.


Her new RORSCHACH show, is an extension of that series (drawing paint with color pencils) as well as the juxtaposition of children’s squish paintings and psychological Rorschach (inkblot) tests.

Portrait of CJ drawing her latest Rorschach series

Rorschach is a psychological test in which you are the subject and are shown a series of ten inkblot images.


Your perceptions of these images are recorded and analyzed, measuring thought disorder and schizophrenia. It’s not about what you see, it’s about how you see.


Much like the artwork, the RORSCHACH exhibition also explores children’s playfulness and innocence.

“I think what makes Rorschach tests so intriguing is that, unlike questionnaires and other language-based approaches to personality assessment, you are presented with a visual task. There is a fascinating correlation of science and art, objectivity and subjectivity, ultimately this series is the science of artistic response as the key to personality.”

For Hendry, RORSCHACH is also an escape from her traditional art form: hyperrealism.

“This series is an amalgamation of Rorschach images and squish paintings, a psychological mashup of naive and sinister. There is little difference between an infant and an insane adult: both have undeveloped thoughts and blissful ignorance, both live in a playful space where they have not made sense of the world. There is so much freedom in “seeing what you want to see”. Ultimately, we are all walking Rorschach tests, we see what we want to see…”


During the exhibit, guests will navigate through a 3,000 square foot bounce house that features padded walls and floors to feel like an old school insane asylum. The bounce house has taken over a year to plan, cut and sew to fit the Dumbo space perfectly. With 6 blowers standing 14-foot-high, the bounce house can accommodate up to 100 people at a time.

Guests will be able to move around and navigate the different hallways to find a room that exhibits Hendry’s pieces on padded upholstered walls. The bounce house was created to reflect the art as a juxtaposition of children’s playtime and the clinically insane. Some people will feel nostalgia from their childhood while others may feel trapped or claustrophobic.

RORSCHACH will open its doors to the public on
Wednesday, April 10 through Sunday, April 21, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
at 202 Plymouth Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn.
Entry is $10 and includes a free pair of limited-edition RORSCHACH socks while stocks last.

RORSCHACH : 10th – 21st April
10am – 9pm
202 Plymouth Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn
Tickets $10 – only available upon entry