Christopher Kane Goes to Balenciaga?

I heard the news Friday and although it is not yet confirmed, there was not a second of doubt in my mind that Christopher Kane would be named Creative Director at Balenciaga.It is an incredible thought,  in my mind there is nothing about this that does not make sense. But, forget about my opinion,what do you guys think about this potential pairing?? Considering the vast resources PPR has, and which uber talented Kane would have at his disposal combined with his creative vision as shown in the images below, we want your opinion….. enjoy a few of Kane’s most iconic moments (clothing +accessories) to help you come to your conclusions…….EDITOR’S NOTE: The Scottish fashion designer has left his post at Versus, announced officially late Friday.  In a statement to WWD, an official Kane spokesperson: “Rumours surrounding Christopher Kane’s appointment as creative director of Balenciaga are unfounded.”