chet faker built on glass

Chet Faker : Built On Glass

      1. Chet Faker - 1998 - Chet Faker




Chet Faker has steadily been building his name and sound over past few years. Ever since we first caught wind of the Melbourne based talent with his sensational falsetto driven rendition of “No Diggity” he has thrown jab after jab continually releasing noteworthy work and keeping us on our toes eventually leading up to a clear cut right hook with his debut full length album Built On Glass released last week via Downtown Records.


Faker reportedly scrapped his album twice in pursuit of refining what Chet Faker is supposed to sound like which is a good indicator of how seriously he takes his craft. The final product yields that downtempo smooth and sophisticated sound that Faker has become known for and yet pushes the boundaries of what that may entail at the same time. “1998” is a stand out with that powerful and gritty synth stab complemented by an all too familiar story of deceit and despair. Feast your eyes the accompanying animated video below and if you are feeling this selection be sure to check out our latest Trendmix, SPRING FLINGwhich features “1998” and much more.