Chanel’s Russian Revolution


We have been feeling the whole headdress trend coming in for awhile, designers have been prancing around the idea and a hand full of brands have sprung from this idea of hairpieces, but who else than Karl Lagerfeld to set the god damn tone. Laetitia Crahay, Chanel’s brilliant accessories designer really outdid all expectations with this roundup.



Paris’s Le Ranelagh theatre, built in 1755 by Jean Joseph Le Riche de La Pouplinière, was the location Karl Lagerfeld chose to present his pre-fall 2009 Paris-Moscow collection.

The collection is a tribute to the obvious Russian influence in Coco Chanel’s designs during her romance with Russia’s Count Dimitri, although it’s also a reference to the emerging Russian economy, its passion and its tradition in ostentatiousness. Chanel and the luxury world have certainly set their sights on markets beyond eastern Europe.

thanks to View on Fashion