Chain Shoes win the Shoemania Competition in Stockholm

chain shoes-4

Swedish design students Tove Jansson and Per Emanuelsson have collaborated to create what they called Chain shoes. A concept based on two very opposite ideas; floating and the restriction of being chained down. They feel like some torture chamber device to me, but brilliant nonetheless. I love to see student work, if you are smart, its the time that you can take advantage of really pushing the envelope to create completely abstract interpretation of conventional projects. And whats the worst that can happen, your instructor disapproves, oh well!

The Chain shoes won the first prize in the “Shoemania” design competition which took place last week in conjunction with the Nordic Shoe and Bag Fair and The Swedish Association of Agents in Stockholm. The jury consisted of Camilla Thulin, fashion designer Henrik Mattsson, art directors Sara Winter and Gilis Hagelin, and L & P Nierenburg.

chain shoes-3

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