Céline S/S 2012

Leave it to Céline to draw in crowds that are raring to see the show, yet still manage to maintain their poise and elegance. Of course, what else would you expect from a label whose loyal following includes top fashion editors and trendsetters? Since Phoebe Philo took over the helm two years ago, Céline has pretty much become the go-to line for impeccable cuts and sleek perfection. A woman’s design for the woman wearer.

This season, Phoebe goes simpler and softer, delivering a refreshing, palate-cleansing collection. “No, there’s nothing particular this season,” says the designer, when asked about her inspiration. “It’s just very sculptural, very three-dimensional. We accentuated the bits that felt strong to accentuate, tried to create some new proportions.”

Indeed, model after model stepped onto the runway in a beautiful showcase of shapes and silhouettes. Part-Asian minimalism, part-50s couture, the pieces included coats with rounded, voluminous sleeves, swishy wide-leg trousers, softly-flared peplums (which Phoebe referred to as “basques”), and a number of crisp cut blouses. Not a single print or appliqué was  in sight, although simple accessories, such as leather envelope bags, thick obi-style belts, and ankle-cuffed platform pumps, added just the right amount of detail to tie every single outfit together.