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Caribou : Your Love Will Set You Free (C2’s Set U Free Remix)

Carl Craig dons his C2 remix outfit and gets to grips with “Your Love Will Set You Free” from one of 2014’s best reviewed albums – “Our Love” by Caribou.


The Motor City hero was among the first to publicly display his support for Dan Snaith’s work on Swim and since, the artist explained to have kept in touch. Dan, who has performed under the stage names Caribou, Manitoba and Daphni also added:


“Carl Craig is a peerless remixer. I’ve dreamed of having him remix one of my tracks for ages. The result is superlative and speaks for itself.”


Adversely, the remix isn’t what we’ve come to expect from the contemporary remixing art. Not the slightest change in tempo, inclusive of the vast majority of leading elements – instead highlighting the synthesized nostalgia interchanging with more familiarized techno/acid engineering as expected from Roland’s TB-303 Bass Line and younger prosecutor, the TB-3. Known weapons in Detroit’s servicemen.


Just the right twists to the knobs if you ask me. “Your Love Will Set You Free (C2’s Set U Free Remix)” can be downloaded now from Bleep, also accepting pre-orders for a scheduled vinyl delivery on Dec. 19th.



Post by Dupersonic