Tofer Chin at Maderas Village

Tofer Chin’s stalagmite installations at Maderas Village, Nicaragua, are not only an original addition to their natural landscape but also mark the beginning of an initiative to explore artistic collaborations among artists and spaces at the boutique hotel. As part of an artist in residency program organized by Maderas Village’s founders, where artists are invited to stay as long as their creativity allows, Chin spent two weeks using local resources, soaking up inspiration, and coming up with a new concept.

The results are these unique geometric forms, which open the dialog to a coexistence between man and nature. While the structures juxtapose the natural and the permanent, it also creates space for the evolution and adaptation of long-lasting art in nature.
“I’ve always wanted to work with concrete and this is a resource that is so abundant there. I’m also really drawn to the drastic change in climate and seasons there. I wanted to leave behind works that would live and breath in this dramatic environment.”

There are currently 15 stalagmite installations throughout the property, and they have started to take the shape and color of the natural jungle aesthetic. When asked whether working in an environment with limited materials was challenging or contributive to this creativity, Chin reaffirmed that the everyday process or residing at Maderas only helped him get inspired. “My creative process is my everyday. There is no separation. I guess I can say my creative process starts with letting go and accepting what is. Every moment, everyday was a highlight.”


Maderas Village’s artist in residency program continues to grow, attracting uniquely talented and like-minded individuals to create while enjoying a new lifestyle. Each artist leaves behind an indelible mark, and Chin’s work will continue to serve as inspiration for others to come.









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