Capsule Collections by Mosaert

Mosaert is a Belgian creative label, encompassing five different but complementary areas: video, graphic design, music (home to TL favorite Stromae), photography and fashion.

On a joint effort of several fronts they produce capsule collections along with a charming editorial photoshoots portraying their products with a theatrical feel, while displaying their products as straightforwardly as ever.


The first collection is set on a family portrait setting, with all the seminal elements, from the central role of the mother & father with each kin on the side and the seniors on top. A vibrant collection with contrasting pieces, thanks to the African wax colors. The second collection takes on the much loved, or hated, class photo; with the proud teachers and students lined up. A notch down color-wise compared to the first, but just as much personality. Mosaert incorporates the so called english grammar school style cut for its pieces showcasing isometric and checkers patterns to great effect.


Proudly made in Europe, the Capsule Collection is indeed a luxury product; it’s all about the outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail on all elements, from the branding to every limited edition clothing. A+.


Written by Mateus Andrade

Mosaert 02

Mosaert 03

Mosaert 05

Mosaert 07

Mosaert 06

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