Caffè Storico

Caffè Storico is a healthy dose of Modernism blended with a touch of the past. Tucked inside the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library is this haven of white with welcoming bursts of chartreuse. An Italian cafe known for their cicchetti, or small plates, and homemade pastas. A note on homemade pasta, it can be spotted from a mile away and the taste is of an incomparable freshness and texture. Chef Jim Burke sure knows his way around a bowl of Pappardelle. Believe me the second these delicate ribbons hit the table you will know, and at Caffè Storico, it will be amazing!  Baccala sounds pretty intimidating but after hearing my Italian grandmother talk about it for years, I was thrilled to try the Whipped Baccala and it did not disappoint. The Risotto alla Milanese, Ricotta Cavatelli, and Pappardelle with Duck Ragu was finished down to last drop of sauce.

Steven Starr is the acclaimed restauranteur responsible for Buddakan and Morimoto, so there was no skimping on style when it came to Caffè Storico. In-the-know tourists, socialites, and Upper West Side families gather to share Italian comfort food with a fashionable ambiance.

Cafe Storico
Images via: Cafe Storico and Google Images