Buha|i|rest : A textile factory turned into a restaurant in Budapest

Located in the historical part of Budapest, ‘Buha|i|rest’ is the new gastronomic spot of the capital. The 1148 square-foot space was a former textile factory dating back from the 20th century.

Interior architect Roman Plyus imagined a unique and stylish luxury restaurant concept divided in two parts : a bar and a more intimate lounge area.

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The chosen color palette revolves around terra-cotta shades to maintain a link between the old factory exterior made of red brick and the new interior design. From orange to pink, it brings a cosy and natural feeling to the space.

“The client wanted an ultra-modern space juxtaposed with vintage Pierre Jeanneret chairs which he left from the last project — with dramatic feelings, Instagram views, and a friendly atmosphere,” explains Plyus.

Taking advantage of the old arches and existing ceilings, Plyus added a mix of contemporary organic furniture and raw decorative objects while using vintage pieces and recycled tiles.

Throughout the restaurant you can be surprised by a giant KAWS sculpture « small lie » and a handmade sculptures made by local craftsmen.
From marble to decorative terra-cotta plaster, wood and leather, each material blends together to create a sophisticated yet peaceful atmosphere.


Photography by Roman Plyus.