Bodies, Bauhaus and Ballet

Bodies, Bauhaus and ballet inspired set designer Anna Lomax’s project called “Body Builder.” Collaborating with photographer Jess Bonham, the London-based artist balanced props on her model’s body, rendering them her costume, imitating those from Oskar Schlemmer‘s Triadic Ballet.

“We kept our model always center stage but very close to toppling, having too much stuff burdened on her,” Miss Lomax says. “I like the idea of her being like a life drawing model in a class, but losing all the figurative features with her costume.”
Using textured materials found from pound shops, she kept to a soft palette that maintains the basic shapes of the German arts movement but reinvents it for a bizarro feminine feel. See the dot and triangle reimagined as a googly eye on a “head.”



Anna Lomax.
Jess Bonham.