Blood Orange: Sutphin Boulevard

Listen to “Sutphin Boulevard” here

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Let’s talk about Devonté Hynes, also known as Blood Orange. Now, let’s play the name drop game: The Chemical Brothers, Florence and the Machine, and Diana Vickers. These are just a few of names of artists to whom Hynes has donated his writing, producing, and composing talents. The British artist, currently signed to Domino Records, has had a back and forth existence until now. Starting in Houston, Texas, he then spent most of his upbringing in Essex, England, making his return to the States in New York City.

His cool factor is palpable, if one ever could be. Just listen to “Sutphin Boulevard.” It is one of those tracks that makes anyone feel comfortable in their own skin. The smooth, yet sensually playful beat gets lost amidst Hynes light vocals, which debut a certain Prince quality in certain tracks of his, like “Dinner.” But it is “Sutphin Boulevard,” with all its shimmery dreaminess, where clouds go to float higher.

If you’ll be in London, catch Blood Orange’s show series supported by Das Racist through December. His debut album, Coastal Grooves is out and making waves among sub pop lovers everywhere. Enjoy!

Also, check out Clock Opera‘s remix of his track, “Champagne Coast!”

Listen to “Champagne Coast (Clock Opera Remix) here

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