big data

Big Data : Dangerous

      1. Dangerous - Big Data


      2. Big Dater - Big Data



Two big tracks from new band Big Data – and one awesomely intrusive video.


Mastermind producer Alan Wilkis first teamed up with Dan Armbruster (of Joylove) earlier this year, and having enjoyed their collaboration so much, they formed Big Data.  Not unlike their contemporaries, the duo, who cite the Internet as home base, have something to say about man and machine.  Musically, this apprehension starts from a gorgeous, distorted bass line heard in first single “Dangerous”, off EP, 1.0.


Maybe you can relate to their idea that the internet has “reshaped the human experience”.  To further this concept, Big Data cooked up an innovative video commenting on voyeurism in the digital age.  The visual accompaniment for “Dangerous”, entitled The Facehawk, hacks your Facebook timeline, and turns the found information into an image of a hawk.  Don’t worry though, it’s just a simulation, but hopefully it will spark some important inquiries.  The duo is wise enough to understand that today, senses are diluted and attention spans are shortened, and The Facehawk is appropriately evocative upon first viewing. Check it out here.