Best Rated Luxury Hotel of 2017: New Bulgari Resort [Dubai]

Opened this December, the Bulgari Resort has already been ranked the best new luxury hotel of 2017 by the members-only travel ratings company Luxury Travel Intelligence.

Designed by the renowned Italian architectural firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, the extravagant hotel is the fifth in the Italian brand’s portfolio.

The 1.4 million-square- feet property is located on a man-made seahorse-shaped island Jumeirah Bay that is accessed via a 1000-feet private bridge.

It is also the most expensive hotel in Dubai but as our generation’s preferences got shifted to the experience economy, this “oasis of serenity and impeccable design” with butler service and food by Michelin-starred chef Niko Romito is very much on trend.

Written by Anna Khitrina for Trendland.