Berlinist Talks With Trendland

Artwork by Giuseppe Sartorio

Listen to “Ollie Falls Asleep” here

      1. Berlinist - Ollie Falls Asleep


Every once in a while a song comes along and pulls your mind into wistful corners of the universe on a single melody. Berlinist’s “Ollie Falls Asleep” is a viable track for doing just that, erecting emotions of a mere dream sequence. Setting a dreamlike ambiance, Berlinist brushes over weepy keys, resonating with a Bonobo beat and echoing Devotchka’s How it Ends. Their delivery of competitive tunes and soft lyrics has them marking solid territory among the Euro-indie scene.

Barcelona-based Berlinist hail the boutique band scene with a their international membership including violinist Natalia Bednarczyk (Poland), violinist Caterina Martí (Barcelona), accordionist, guitarist + vocalist Gemma Gamarra (Barcelona), percussionist/drummer Alfredo Bella (Santiago de Chile), vocalist/keyboardist + bassist Luigi Gervasi (Italy), and lead vocalist/keyboardist Marco Alba (Italy). “Regarding the name, we find that Barcelona and Berlin are somehow similar in many ways. We all like the city for its atmosphere and attitude. Our music is like a breath (in a state of uncertainty) and the instruments we play are genuine, analogical.” – Marco Alba

As the group touts their contemporary sounds funneled through a village-like quaintness with accents of an occasional violin, accordion, or xylophone, this fresh off the venue six-tet continues to search for instruments to complete their sound as they pitch their role as musicians in society: “We think music plays a very important role in the relationships between people regardless of their moods or state of mind. It has always been there and we want to make it a pleasant experience.”

When asked about some of the key messages they aim to reflect in their music, Marco responded, “Reproduce natural sensations. We’d like to know that once our songs are heard, people will not remain the same – that our sounds will stay somewhere in their hearts and souls. Lyrics are simple and straight, they make the songs more complex and complement our music. Words try to reflect what music proves to communicate.”

With a range of inspirations from Beruit to Sigur Rós and Phillip Glass to Pearl Jam, the troupe plans to infiltrate music circles around the world, hoping to further break ground with an album release in coming months. Until then, keep up with their play dates and music updates on their fan page. Or if you are Spain-side don’t miss El Nostre Racó, the band’s starting point and frequent stage.